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Bluetooth Dactyl - Fully assembled - hotswap - Charcoal Black - Ready to ship

Bluetooth Dactyl - Fully assembled - hotswap - Charcoal Black - Ready to ship

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Boards are fully complete with firmware as requested by customer, or defaulting to a QWERTY setup.
Left and right keyboard halves (Color based on listing title).
Left and right 0° tilt bases in secondary selected color.
All 3d prints are inspected for both cosmetic and structural defects to ensure quality production.
Guide detailing the process for creating your own keyboard layouts and how to utilize software to create more advanced key features.
Full set of Gateron Pro 2.0 Yellow linear switches and either black or white blank PBT DSA keycaps.
2.5mm Hex Key to assist with the installation of Keyboard Pin Cell batteries.
2x LIR2450 Lithium Rechargeable batteries.

Ergonomic Design

The design is based on the popular Dactyl Manuform with the thumb cluster redesigned for better access for normal thumb movement.
Key spacing has been optimized to allow for keycaps to be as close as possible without collision on the horizontal rows. Vertically, steps have been taken to shrink spacing but due to 3d printing constraints there is still some gap for structural integrity.
Finger layout is the standard 5x6 with the middle and pointer sub row keys moved to the thumb cluster.
The key sweep is based on a 140° arc to accommodate smaller to medium finger lengths slightly better.
Large Silicone Rubber Anti-slip feet.
Finally, the frame is printed inhouse using a variety of printers at .3mm layer heights and a 4mm nozzle.
Currently, only using PolyTerra pla as it has proven to have terrific durability (matte filament is more flexible thus less likely to break from shocks).


Using opensource and custom designed flexible PCBs to provide hotsocket mounting for all Cherry style switches and easy manufacturing.
Highspeed diodes are hand soldered and cross pcbs are connected via quality Silicone 28awg wire.
XIAO control boards have power pads coated with MG Chemicals Silicone Conformal Coating to minimize potential loss due to liquid spills.
All orders include Gateron KS-9 Pro 2.0 Yellow Switches, and blank PBT keycaps using the DSA profile (60 1u keys) in either black or white.
Batteries are LIR2450 Lithium Rechargeable batteries


Built on the powerful nRF52840 chipset with the SeeedStudio XIAO board. This allows for both USB-C and Bluetooth 5.0 connections for both PC, Mac, and Android connection.
The XIAO provides integrated Battery management and charge control allowing for safe management of the included easily found Lithium LIR2450 pin cell battery.

ZMK provides powerful keyboard design options and users can generate their own keyboard profiles using layers, and many more advanced features as listed on the ZMK website.


All products are hand made and inspected prior to shipping out. But I understand defects can take place. Contact me for product defects and I'll work with you to resolve any problems that might arise.

Materials: 3D Printed,Gateron,PBT Keycaps

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