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Skree Claw MX (Flexible PCB)

Skree Claw MX (Flexible PCB)

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LED orders will be shipped on Sept. 16-20th due LED stock.

Single Sheet of 6 columns of the Skree flexible PCBs.
These require a FPC connection on your MCU. Either use them with your own design or with the Xiao Flex.

All pcbs come fully populated (LED orders come with leds too!) (Photos will be updated as soon as I have LEDS on hand)

All leds are SK6812 Mini-E. 
Note led in has a direction, it starts on the left side of the sheet side with diodes visible on them. This means that on one side you'll have the rows ribbon coming from all the way across, and the other will be close. While I can make a work around for this it's incredibly time wasteful to the user, thus this is the best solution.

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