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Skree Pad and beans (up to 6 thumbs) Single key PCB kit for thumbs

Skree Pad and beans (up to 6 thumbs) Single key PCB kit for thumbs

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This is my current fastest method of doing thumb clusters.

This design supports up to 6 thumb keys. 
They all are to be on a single row, and the column wiring is provided by the FPC cable. 
This means you need to have either the same wiring on your mcu / breakout board that supports a FPC (0.5mm pitch) or use a XIAO Flex or Skree PAW (soooooon TM). 

The kit comes with 5 "orbital" single key PCBs that just need 4p silicone wire to connect to the next (as shown in the example photo) and Columns that are wired from the JST sh connection that comes from the single "mothership" single key pcb. 

Note: The Mothership can be positioned wherever in the arrangement but it is recommended to have it at a corner as it only has Data OUT pads which must go to only 1 orbital so LEDs function correctly.

The Parallel wire is very easily soldered (VIDEO) just use flux and enough heat with a pre-tinned soldering iron. 

All PCBs come prepopulated. LED orders will have LEDs populated.

This kit includes:
1x Mothership PCB
5x Orbital PCB
1x 100mm JST SH 5p
1x 200mm 4p 30awg Silicone wire

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