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Xiao Flex (board only)

Xiao Flex (board only)

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Introducing the XIAO Flex for ZMK Bluetooth Keyboards – The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Keyboard Building!

Experience seamless keyboard assembly with the XIAO Flex. Designed specifically for ZMK Bluetooth keyboards, this innovative solution addresses the limitations of current kits for keyboard building. No more hassle with countless single key pcbs, burnt wire insulation, or needing solder everything together – our cutting-edge design streamlines the whole process while valuing your time and effort.

Benefit from improvement upon the original Xiao nRF52840 design from added low voltage cutoff protection and on-board LED driving capabilities, whether powered by USB or battery. With a simple switch achieve proper voltage logic for any of your RGB needs.

Craft your ideal keyboard configuration with the XIAO Flex and the Skree Flexible ecosystem. Whether flat panel or curved key-well designs, the possibilities are limitless. Our JST SH connectors simplify rows and column connections, while FPC cables drastically reduce soldering when working with Skree Claw flexible PCBs.

The fingers aren’t the only part of the keyboard that’s been improved. Thumb assembly while still requiring single key PCBs has assembly times greatly minimized with the Skree Orbital and Mothership PCBs.

Choose XIAO Flex for unmatched efficiency and a new era of stress-free keyboard construction. Let your creativity be the limit!


Package contents:
Xiao Flex
2.54mm pin jumper
LIR2450 battery mount

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