Custom Dactyl Preorder

Custom Dactyl Preorder

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Preorder listing. You're making a reservation order fully refundable that is a portion of the total product price.
I can combine any of the features; etsy makes it difficult to mix and match all the options so instead I'm giving a general price breakdown and would highly recommend messaging me beforehand!

Trackball: $40
RGB: $30
OLED: $30
Custom Keycaps: $30

Keyboard roughly the size of a 4x6: $320
5x6: $340
6x6: $380

I can do custom stuff, different sizes on each half etc. I do my best to provide competitive prices and while I'd love to make a fully comprehensive list of prices that's beyond my capacities.

NOTE: If you want a trackball it needs to be done either wired via QMK or wireless via KMK but if it's KMK then RGB is likely the only other feature I can support. 

Design your own keyboard using or give me specifications and I'll work with you to build your own design!

I'll integrate my hardware seamlessly with you. I can take your hand measurements, photos, and work with you to make a dactyl that specifically fits your hands! 

The keyboard can be used both wired and wireless with Bluetooth!
All boards are hotswap compatible using my latest flexible pcbs.

I can support MX and Choc v1 switches; though if you have something specific in mind please reach out!

There might be extra charges depending on how big of a board you request. But most things should easily fall within my standard cost for my hand designed dactyls.

Note while Ryan encourages the production of keyboards from his generator all my work is not officially endorsed by him or his generator, all products and builds are solely my own work. along with the Cosmos Keyboard Generator do not in any way officially endorse my work whatsoever.

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