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Kinesis 360 (pro and non-pro) Switch replacement

Kinesis 360 (pro and non-pro) Switch replacement

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Please make sure you've reach out to me prior to ordering!

I'll swap out the switches in your Kinesis 360. 
You can either send the switches with the case or I can order them for you and bill you the remaining sum.

While I wish there was some kind of escrow system to handle the whole expensive keyboard being sent to me I'll gladly work with you if you want to feel more secure in someway. 

During the work I'll ensure that your board isn't speckled in tiny solder balls (cough  kinesis cough).

I would appreciate if you're sending me a board that it not be in an utterly terrible state. 

The process will take ~2.5hours, I can have them out generally the day after the package is received or worse case 2 days after. 

I can also offer just about any other service you might want. Sound deadening, foam mods, added weight, reach out and I'll gladly do what I can to accommodate. 

If you have a Advantage 2; I can do the same work; it takes longer due to the way diodes are installed on those boards. Please contact me if you need something for a Advantage 2.

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